About Us

If you don’t have a goal, you won’t have a story.

Behind every brand there is an exciting story others may want to hear. Our story carries in its folds lots of experience, competition, challenges and love. Those were the ingredients we used to bring to you our “Bany” platform.


How We Started?

The Bany platform that you are reading about now is the result of long hours of extensive work done by a team of 7 proud geeks. They started their journey together in 2019, but the difficulties they faced were as grandiose as the goal they sought after. After all, it’s not easy to preach the use of technology in an environment not used to it.


Our Vision


Our main goal is to introduce an online platform that can help both small and medium size business owners in improving their business and to make the selling and buying process easier for them.


Why Bany?

Because with Bany, selling is easy and simple for you, and buying in your store is easy and quick for your customers. You will be able to organize all your products’ data in one place, like their images, prices, description, and much more. This way, your products will reach your customers easily and without any extra time or effort. And most importantly, the profits of those sales are entirely yours, and yours alone. Isn’t that awesome!

What Can Bany Do For You? (A Sneak Peak)




Because your Bany store is well-organized and easy to reach and use, your business will thrive and reach more customers.


Increased Sales

Due to how easy and quick it is to buy from your store, your business is guaranteed to have an increase in sales as soon as you build your store with Bany.


Increased Popularity

Now that you created an online presence with Bany, your business is much more reachable by a wide range of people, and it will in turn be more popular and earn more new customers.


Commission-Free Sales

Sales through Bany are 100% commission-free "you will not share profits with us" you will only have to pay a small annual fee and enjoy Bany’s features and frequent free updates


Your Own Dashboard

Your Bany store comes with a Dashboard that is easy to use. Through it, you can edit whatever you need to edit in your store quickly and easily.

A Word From Bany to You


Thank you for reading my story till the end, it was written especially for you. So, whether you have a big project or a small one, it doesn’t matter. All projects start out small and all stories begin with a sentence. Let us help you start your project.. let’s write your story together