Delivery & Return

Excitement Awaits! With Bany's 14-day free trial, you can experience all the features and start to see the amazing benefits of having your business organized, accessible and easy to use. Your business will become more efficient, sales will increase, and you'll quickly start developing a larger customer base. Join Bany family and have an excitingly successful online presence! 

What features will you get from Bany platform?

 Get ready to customize your Bany store with a super simple Dashboard!

 With it, you can effortlessly adjust anything you need in your store with just a few clicks!

 Plus, easily modify the store’s QR Code, accept orders on WhatsApp, check analytics, and manage finances - all the features you could want to make the most out of your store.

Subscription cancellation and money withdrawal policy :

During the free trial on Bany platform, which lasts for two weeks, users will be able to take advantage of all features to decide if they want to subscribe and pay. Consequently, no option for ending the subscription or recovering monetary funds is accessible from Bany platform.