How does Bany work?

The Bany platform is a very professional and at the same time easy to use platform, you can create your store in very simple steps without any prior technical experience. Let's learn these steps with the following videos

How to create an account in the Bany platform?

Less than 60 seconds.... is the expected period for creating your own account on the Builder platform By registering with your Google account, or registering via an external email.

How can you add and edit the categories and products?

Without any prior technical experience and with very simple steps, you can add and modify categories and items within your store or restaurant as shown in the video.

Upsell and cross sell techniques

Up sell It is the appropriate selling technique for the first segment of the customer category identified above, “a customer who is interested in my product and wants to increase the value of the desired profit from it.” This technique encourages the customer to buy the product that he intended to buy himself, but with a small increase in the price in exchange for a better option, either in size or in specifications, Cross Sell They are used to sell one product by another "provided that the two producers belong to the same category."

Explanation of the general settings in the control panel in the builder platform....43 seconds only

43 seconds is enough time to learn how to use the general settings in the Builder platform..... isn't that really cool

What makes it special in the builder platform? QR Shareable short links and code?

Having a QR code, or a short, shareable link is a must on the Bani platform, but the other features mentioned in the video are an added value. We hope they will be useful for your valuable project and your different customer categories 🥰.

Slider interface feature in the Bany platform

A new update and a new addition..... an interactive design slider that appears in the main interface of your store with multiple features that you know through the video, Recommendation: In order to display the designs in an ideal way for your client, please adhere to the following sizes: 1200 * 350 pixels for the design

appearance of stores in the Bany platform

Personalizing your project in proportion to the visual identity and project concept is one of the most important features that you will get when you join the Builder platform.

بضغطة زر تعديل أسعار جميع المنتجات

بنقرة واحدة فقط! الآن، يمكنكم بسهولة ويسر تعديل أسعار جميع المنتجات في حسابكم على منصة باني. بفضل هذه الخاصية المبتكرة، بإمكانكم رفع الأسعار لتعزيز قيمتها المالية، أو تخفيضها لجذب المزيد من العملاء. كما يُمكنكم أيضًا رفع الأسعار بمبلغ محدد لزيادة الأرباح، أو تخفيضها بقيمة محددة لتعزيز التنافسية.

Manage orders in the Bany platform

The store or menu that you get through the Builder platform goes beyond being a professional selling tool only, it is also a professional administrative tool through which you can receive and control orders from accepting, rejecting, adding any additional fees to orders and obtaining invoices for orders with the ability to print them and more as It is shown in the video.

Did you forget the password for your account on the Bany platform?

Did you forget the password for your account on the Bani platform? Do not worry, watch the video and follow the simple steps and welcome to the Bani platform again 🤗